Ready to take on the next challenge? We’re with you every step of the way

Remember the time when you first started your business?

Remember the time when you first started your business? Brainstorming business strategy; galvanising your team; building partnerships and alliances; rejoicing at achieving your sales targets… Now that your efforts have finally paid off and your “project” is starting to look like a viable business, you are ready to take on greater challenges – TO GROW!

Business expansion comes in many different forms. You can choose to expand your business by increasing production capacity, by increasing your distribution channels or even by diversifying into other businesses. Many businesses run into disastrous results when expansion takes place much too quickly, and key aspects such as risk management and legal compliance are not addressed.

As legal counsel for companies in various stages of growth and maturity, we have a good understanding of the “growth challenges” small businesses face. We will ensure that your interest is protected even as you take up the opportunities that will make your business fly.



Business Strategizing & Networks

Whether it's a legal issue or a business one, we can help you. We provide a trustworthy and confidential sounding board for your concerns. Our experience and insights into how other businesses achieve success can help you find the right partners and investors.


Profit Sharing

Congratulations on turning a profit. Now is the best time to put your profit-sharing agreements IN WRITING with your business partners. This will help avoid future misunderstandings. More partnerships break up over money than you can imagine.



The compliance burden on your business is growing, and you don't have the resources to keep up. Our extensive regulatory experience has helped many clients remain compliant and kept updated on regulatory changes to stay top of their game.


Internal Audits and Risk Management

We can identify and address potential legal issues before they become costly by reviewing your standard contracts, business operations, and administrative processes. An effective internal audit and risk management plan can assist in protecting your company and preserving its reputation.


Venturing Out

Expansion into new markets, products, and collaborations is risky. We help you analyze decisions and minimize risks. In a nutshell, we provide immediate access to devoted and skilled legal advice in times of uncertainty. Check the facts before you invest.


Funding for New Ventures

Growing businesses need sound financial management as financial obligations and stakes rise. Business loans demand asset securitization, and business angels and VCs expect a stake in the business. We can help you understand and assess various capital-raising options.

Susan Tan

Senior Legal Executive


With more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, Susan Tan, who joined us from one of the leading corporate and investment banks in Singapore, provides invaluable expertise and knowledge in corporate secretarial.

She is conversant and familiar with the local regulations and requirements for business entities in Singapore.

As a member of our team, Susan is responsible for maintaining and updating the Company’s statutory registers and records, filing all necessary documents and forms with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Ad-hoc assignments such as allotment and transfer of shares, amendment of Company’s Constitution and submission of Annual Return to ACRA.

Apart from corporate secretarial work, Susan has considerable experience and expertise in compliance advisory matters, making her a valuable member of our firm.