Setting and building up a business is similar to that of constructing a building – solid foundations must be laid. Without any foundations or if bad foundations are laid, you may feel that your business is fine now, but in time, “cracks” will start to show and it might just be too late to salvage the situation.

An essential part of business success is finding people with the right skills.

There are many different types of law and different lawyers specialize in certain areas. Choosing the right lawyer for your business can help smoothen your road to success. The right lawyer can not only help find the resources you need, they can also help alert you to common pitfalls.

With access to a global network of legal, administrative and financial professionals, we will ensure that your business, family office and investments are protected and continue to grow.

We frequently work with clients to ensure that the right people are brought on board. With our network of specialists, we will find pragmatic solutions to challenging commercial problems.

Our focus is always on pragmatic commercial solutions that protects your legal position without losing sight of your goals.

We aim to make it simple for you by first understanding your concerns, then explaining your options in a way that helps you make the right decisions for your business.

Our practice includes joint ventures, structuring investments, advising on inter-shareholder rights, carrying out due diligence and advising on compliance with regulatory requirements.

Working with our network of global law firms, we have also assisted our clients in establishing operations abroad, foreign capital markets transactions, listing on foreign stock exchanges and complying with local regulatory & operational requirements.