A Client’s Journey : Lasting Power of Attorney

Real Story, Real Solution

Choosing a Lasting Power of Attorney is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It can have a significant impact on both financial and healthcare decisions, ensuring that your interests are protected and managed with efficiency and care.

Below is a true case file of one of our clients, showcasing the practicality and compassion inherent in selecting a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

Through this real-life example, you’ll see firsthand the value and importance of this legal arrangement in safeguarding your well-being and ensuring your wishes are respected.


Mrs Wong’s husband had passed away many years ago. Her only daughter, Emily, was working in Hong Kong.

Mrs Wong spent most of her life building a close-knit community around her. As the years passed, Mrs. Wong faced some health challenges that made it difficult for her to manage her affairs independently. Recognizing the need for a plan, she sought legal advice on how best to protect her interests and ensure a smooth transition for her loved ones.

When Mrs Wong came to see us, we explained to her that while a Will outlines how assets should be distributed after one’s passing, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) granted someone the legal authority to make decisions on her behalf while she was still alive but was unable to do so herself.

Mrs. Wong considered her situation carefully.

  • She had a loving daughter, but she was aware that her health could take unexpected turns.
  • She decided that having an LPA would be a practical and compassionate choice.
having an LPA

A few years later, Mrs. Wong faced a sudden deterioration in her health. She was no longer able to manage her financial affairs or make decisions about her medical care. However, thanks to the LPA she had set up, her daughter, Emily, was able to step in and handle matters seamlessly.

Emily worked closely with medical professionals to ensure the best care for her mother. She managed Mrs Wong’s finances responsibly, paying bills and handling investments according to her mother’s wishes.

Having an LPA empowered Emily to make decisions in real time, avoiding delays that might have occurred if decisions were contingent on court approval.

As Wong’s health declined, Emily also found comfort in the fact that she could focus on providing emotional support to her mother rather than navigating complex legal processes. The LPA allowed Emily to act in her mother’s best interests swiftly and decisively.

When Mrs. Wong eventually passed away, her Will came into effect, and her assets were distributed according to her wishes.

The combination of the Will and the Lasting Power of Attorney proved to be a powerful strategy, ensuring not only the seamless transition of her estate but also the dignified and compassionate management of her affairs during her final years.

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